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HappiStar- Honest Review with Welcome Bonus upto Rs 30000 and 70 free spin March 2024

HappiStar-Welcome Bonus upto Rs 30000 and 70 free spin

About Happistar

HappiStar is an online gambling brand, focused primarily on offering sports betting and online casino products to certain Asia Pacific markets. Managed by a team of experienced and multi-nationals industry professionals, our goal is to provide a fun and exiciting entertainment environment for our customers.

HappiStar’s products and services are licensed and regulated in the Philippines.

A Safe and Private Environment

We use 128-bit encryption to ensure the security and privacy of your data. We keep all of your information confidential, and we will never share it or sell it to third parties, except in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Excellence in Customer Care

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , our customer service department are there for you - to help answer your questions and resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently.

Responsible Gaming

HappiStar is committed to responsible gambling. We believe that customers should enjoy betting with us but we understand that a small percentage of players sometimes find that they can no longer control their betting behavior. If that being the case we encourage customers to inform us as soon as they believe they are having difficulties so that we can provide timely support.


We offer a variety of secure and easy deposit and cash out options. We adhere to strict "know your customer (KYC)" and anti-money laundering (AML) policies and cooperate with 3rd party financial and regulatory authorities to ensure the highest standards of compliance.

How to Get Bonus

Step 1. Signup on using Link-Signup Link Step 2. Complete Registration Process Step 3. Deposit in Your Wallet.

Responsible Gaming

Community Responsibility

HappiStar is committed to responsible gambling. Remote gambling is a legitimate form of entertainment that is experienced by millions of players worldwide. For most players remote gambling is an enjoyable experience, however, the reality must be accepted that a small percentage of players engaging in remote gambling might be underage or might have a problem with gambling taking over their life and finances. Problem gambling is a gambling behavior or pattern that compromises, disrupts or damages personal, family, vocational pursuits or other major aspects of life, such as psychological, physical or social aspects. The term “Problem Gambling” includes, but is not limited to, the condition known as "Pathological", or "Compulsive" Gambling. The symptoms include increasing preoccupation with gambling, a need to bet more money more frequently, restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop, “chasing” losses, and loss of control manifested by continuation of the gambling behavior in spite of mounting, serious, negative consequences.

Being a socially responsible company means taking caring of our players, means having a proactive approach about the problems that affect the community. This is why HappiStar has adopted and is fully committed to the strictest application and enforcement of the following policies:

Limiting Access by Minors

HappiStar requires new customers to declare that they are of lawful age in their respective jurisdiction and at least 18 years old. Should we have a suspicion of a false declaration or minors attempting to use our services we will further pursue reasonable measures to verify this. In this respect, if we have a suspicion to this extent, we reserve the right to suspend an account and request proof of identity and age from the player to verify compliance with this policy.

Controlling Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling does not benefit HappiStar. We strive to have a safe, fun environment on our site. Compulsive gamblers are a problem for their families, friends and their lives, creating an unstable, unsafe environment.

HappiStar is committed to detecting and reducing compulsive gambling. We have a system to track player's activities, and we are constantly working to design and enforce controls designed to limit gambling patterns that are out of control.

While the majority of people do gamble within their means, for some, it can spiral out of control. We strive not only to identify compulsive gamblers, but also help them address their problem and prevent other players from becoming compulsive gamblers.

In order to help you keep control, we would like you to remember the following: Gambling should be seen as entertainment, address it as if you are paying for entertainment so do not over pay for your entertainment.

・Gambling should NOT be seen as a genuine way of making money

・Avoid chasing losses

・Only gamble what you can afford to lose

・Keep track of the time and amount of money you spend gambling

・If you need to take a break from gambling, contact us for a self-exclusion or suspension account.

Gamble Aware

Gamble Aware aims to provide the facts about gambling in an accessible manner. They promote responsible gambling only, and support initiatives that help prevent gambling from becoming a problem and minimize gambling-related harm. For more information on problem gambling and support services, you may visit or contact:

Website: www.begambleaware.org

Blocking Access to Gambling Sites

If you do feel that you have a problem we would recommend that you consider blocking access to all gambling sites from your PC by installing blocking software such as Gam Block which works by detecting data used by gambling sites, shutting down your browser and delivering a warning message every time you attempt to access such sites. This service costs $89.95 (approx. €63 or £54) for a 1 year license and you can find further information on their website, www.gamblock.com

How do I self-exclude from HappiStar?

HappiStar wants to increase the standards in our target territories; hence we are self-imposing standards of utmost responsibility, integrity, transparency, legitimacy and awareness. We work to raise the bar of integrity worldwide because we believe that operating at the highest standards benefits everyone.

HappiStar follows the guidelines of institutions dedicated to addressing the social impact of gambling. To help players gamble responsibly, we commit to work with these institutions to develop responsible policies and practices.

If you are worried about your gambling habits at any time, you can seek our assistance to activate the following tools:

・Preventing Compulsive Gambling

・Request to reduce / limit the Deposit transactions and amount from your payment solution

・Request changes in loss limits, bet limits, single bet limit and deposit limit


Self Exclusion is a facility that we offer to help those customers who feel that their gambling is getting out of control by seeking our assistance to avoid getting addicted to gambling. If at any stage, you become concerned about your gambling behavior, you can request for one of the following cooling off exclusions period:

- Minimum of one day up to one year self-exclusion

How do I request self-exclusion from HappiStar?

You can request a self-exclusion by yourself. Just go to My Profile, click on Time-Out tab and choose self-exclusion period and click Save.

How soon after requesting a self-exclusion will it be activated?

Your self-exclusion will be activated immediately. Be noted that upon activation, you will not be able to replenish your account, play or withdraw money from your balance.

Can I re-activate my account or open a new account during the self-exclusion period?

Once you have requested for a self exclusion, we will not entertain any request to reactivate your HappiStar account at any time.

Accounts that have been self-excluded can not be reactivated or cancel the request under any circumstances until the expiry of the self-exclusion period. HappiStar self-exclusion policy involves a joint commitment from us and yourself. We will take reasonable steps to prevent you from re-opening your account or opening new accounts. Similarly, during the period of your exclusion, you must not attempt to re-open any existing account(s) or try to open any new accounts. Any new accounts you might attempt to open during self exclusion periods will also be blocked as soon as detected.

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